Raphael Castay

Freelance Angular Expert

30 y/oToulouse, France

I am a web developer since 2015 having worked on various projects. From the specialized internal tool to the website intended for the general public and from the very large structure to the startup, I made sure to progress in different contexts in order to better master the different aspects of web development.

Specialized in Angular and agile methods, I can ideally help you on similar projects.

I can help you

This is how I can help you realize your projects.

Website creation

Do you need a website to gain visibility and/or manage your sales? I can make you one.

With regular follow-up points, we will be able to define together the site that best suits you, adapted to your needs.

Development team integration

If your technical team is already formed and you want to strengthen it.

I can integrate and support your project thanks to my advanced skills in Angular as well as for the life around the code (architecture, continuous integration and deployment, knowledge transmission, agile methods and processes that run a team).


In order to build skills or get started on Angular, I can do training sessions oriented around practical work.


Being an Angular developer, I work in Javascript/Typescript on mainly Frontend projects.

They trust me

Since my career's beginning, I had the luck to work with clients that gave me their trust and proficient teams.

Contact me

You can contact me by Email or on LinkedIn.